Commercial Mold Remediation Strategies In California

By Daniel Jeffries

Mold found in businesses can become far more than just a temporary annoyance. The risks of mold damage spread far beyond the need for remediation if managed inappropriately. The perception that your California restaurant or spa contains mold discourages customers and can put you at odds with local authorities. Although no direct link connecting mold growth with health problems as yet exists, some susceptible individuals report an allergic-like reaction to mold and the substances it emits.

Mold growth is the manifestation of one or more spores gaining traction through the absorption of moisture and multiplying into colonies. The colonies are multitudes of tiny fungi, living organisms that use organic materials as food and thrive in a range of temperatures, including the comfort zone for humans. No light is necessary for growth, and minute amounts of organic matter such as soap scum, dead skin cells, and grease are enough to encourage growth even on seemingly impervious surfaces like tile and metal.

Even arid regions like those found in California can support mold growth in commercial buildings. All it takes to begin the mold life cycle are small amounts of water or even interior humidities of more than 60 percent to fuel an outbreak. Spills and flooding events not thoroughly dried out within 24 to 48 hours are common causes of subsequent mold damage.

A mistake business owners sometimes make when faced with mold is to attempt to eradicate it in-house. Mold infestations are not just another form of dirt or debris. A good scrub or application of topical cleaning products can actually spread and worsen the mold problem in your California business.

Using diluted bleach solutions to manage mold is a typical reaction even for experienced commercial cleaning services. Unfortunately, that response is ineffective, notably when the mold has worked its way deep within a porous surface. Initially, the bleach might lighten the mold’s staining, but it rarely penetrates to kill the entire organism. In fact, the high water content of even undiluted bleach tends to feed the mold the California business is attempting to eliminate.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) developed a step by step process to abate mold issues efficiently. Trained and certified mold remediation technicians employ this methodology, offering businesses the most successful outcomes. First mold growth is located and contained. Keeping the spores and other mold debris from drifting through the commercial building is crucial to prevent new colonies from developing. Physical barriers or advanced technology such as negative pressure air scrubbers properly installed and utilized by skilled workers limit mold movement during remediation.

Then the technicians remove, bag, and discard all the mold, including any porous building materials or contents infested. Personal protective equipment keeps the remediation crews from harm, and the restoration company’s knowledge of California laws, regulations, and rules concerning hazardous waste ensures the legality of the process.

Finally, the remediators identify and arrange for the elimination of sources of water or moisture. Unless this step occurs, mold becomes a constant in a business.

If mold growth and damage is interfering with the successful operation of your California business, find a reliable mold remediation partner. Look for EPA process-based training and demonstrable experience before contracting.


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Vandalism & Graffiti Remediation In California And Colorado

Vandalism & Graffiti Remediation In California And Colorado

By Daniel Jeffries

Nothing is more disheartening than coming home to evidence that a tagger or vandal has defaced or damaged your home. In addition to the actions of that individual or group being personally distasteful and emotionally vicious to you, the activity is illegal and should be reported to the authorities.

Once reported, you now need to respond to the vandalism or graffiti destroying the sanctity of your California or Colorado home. Allowing the evidence of these crimes to remain visible can be a magnet for other defacers, a silent and unwanted, by you, invitation to damage your property even further.

The damage also is harmful to you and your family’s peace of mind and sense of security. Cleaning up the scene, however, is full of challenges, and usually is not easy for the victims to complete. What is needed is a response from a company skilled and experienced in this type of remediation. Hiring a professional firm offers trained technicians, appropriate and effective products, and specialized equipment to rapidly transform an ugly and possibly smelly and dangerous scene at your Colorado or California residence back to the comfortable and cozy home your and your friends and family enjoyed prior to the crimes.

If the perpetrators used food or offensive looking and smelling agents to damage your home, hiring a team of workers familiar with deep cleaning and deodorization is vital. Carpeting, furniture, walls, and other building structure and fixtures respond well to steam cleaning and extraction techniques, especially when performed by operators trained to Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) standards. Deodorization technology has come a long way, and if cleaning and airborne sprays do not take of the problem, experts in this field use thermal fogging, hydroxyl generators, and, in extreme cases, ozone machines to neutralize odor carrying particles.

The paints or other substances used to deface your home inside or out need the aggressive use of targeted cleaners and sealers. In trained hands, these products safely loosen and remove the offensive wording or pictures. If removal is impractical, technicians cover the unwanted tagging with appropriate products that bring your home back to life.

Take the opportunity to hire a team of vandalism and graffiti mitigation experts if criminals try to ruin your residence. Find a company that works with your insurance or local loan or payment programs to make the transformation affordable.


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It Is Never Too Late To Start Scheduled Carpet Cleaning In Colorado.

By Daniel Jeffries

When you are one of the many home owners with carpeting, you realize that it is an investment that has daily maintenance. Accidents involving spilled food and drink, as well as other liquids, can happen at any time. Normal wear often creates traffic patterns that are quite obvious and can detract from the beauty of any carpeting.

Many parts of Colorado.have a parched and crumbly soil, but scheduled carpet cleaning can help keep this debris from accumulating and harming your carpet. Regularly vacuuming helps maintain a decent level of cleanliness in the uppermost sections of a carpet. Much of the soil brought inside your home settles into the carpet’s backing where normal vacuums cannot reach. Professional cleaning of your carpet ensures that these fibers and the backing are also kept clean and free of build-up.

Debris that remains inside the carpet’s lower areas can destroy a carpet from the inside. Coarse sand and dirt quickly produce holes and areas where the carpet loses its plushness because of fiber loss. This happens because the deposited sediment is continually cutting at the fibers’ connection to the backing, and also the backing itself.

It is true that newly installed carpeting has the most to gain from scheduled cleanings, but older carpets can also have their usefulness prolonged when you choose to have regular ongoing cleaning conducted. Doing so can significantly reduce much of the wearing down that traffic patterns create. At the same time, this can remove much of the allergens that have found their way into the carpeting, and make your home smell much fresher.

There is little reason to wait for a big event to have the carpets cleaned, and conversely, having it done on a regular basis can benefit your family’s health and well-being. Over time, it can help protect your investment, and also the underlay below the carpeting. Padding that is under regularly cleaned carpet also retains its volume better, providing more consistency throughout the carpet’s entire area.

Having a regular team that cleans your carpet on an ongoing basis can help increase the efficiency of each job. Knowing your carpet and the layout of your home or office can help your carpet cleaning team in preparation for higher traffic areas, areas that often harbor pet stains and odors, and other problem areas unique to your carpet. Knowing these areas exist and that their reappearance is likely can signal to cleaners that these areas need special protective treatments, also, helping to keep future problems less severe. Scheduling your first carpet cleaning in an ongoing series of sessions can never be too soon, so make the call to start now.


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Odor Removal Services

Odor Removal Services

By Daniel Jeffries

Removing unpleasant smells is a challenge, and covering them up with scented air fresheners is not the answer. After your home or business survives water or fire damage, it is common to experience lingering odor problems. Call in a professional restoration company that offers odor removal services to eradicate musty, smoky, and other unacceptable smells with a scientifically based system that attacks the odor-bearing, tiny particles where they lodge.

The restoration company you choose needs experience finding odor solutions across a wide range of circumstances. Sometimes it is as easy as eliminating the source of the odor. Perhaps it was a dead animal or some moldy rags that soiled the air, and disposing of these things appropriately takes care of the problem. Charred wood or crumbling drywall stops smelling up your building as soon as it hits the garbage heap.

Other times even with the source removed the smell continues to bother. The restoration technicians are familiar with this phenomenon and move on to thorough cleaning and disinfection of the surfaces contaminated with the odor carrying substances. If the smell remains trained restorers use a range of odor destroying solvents, matched to the type of substance that gave off the original smell. These solutions also recreate the way in which the odor-causing particles initially invade the area.

Some are sprayed or poured and wiped off surfaces. Blood and urine smell can be “flooded” away in this manner. Others are sprayed into the air where they find the odoriferous particles like smoke or gasses and chemically change them, so they no longer smell. Thermal fogging uses chemicals and heat to eliminate odors and should be applied only by certified technicians. This technique can be effective if nothing else work.

Porous surfaces like drywall and ceiling tiles respond well to sealing the smell inside. Sealing inaccessible areas of HVAC systems and other vents, crawl spaces, attics, and cavities behind walls is often the best option.

Finding a full-service restoration company that returns your home or business back to pre-loss condition, including odor elimination, is the best choice.

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Smoke Damage – Odor Control

Smoke Damage - Odor Control

By Daniel Jeffries

If you have tried to eliminate the smell of smoke damage on your own, you realize how challenging it can be. Because of the complicated process that occurs during a fire, smoke, and the extremely pervasive smell can invade every square inch of your home. Even after all visible evidence of soot and other debris have been cleaned away a lingering odor can prevent you and your family from putting the memories of that terrifying fire behind you. What you need is a smoke damage restoration firm that can banish the odors from the fire completely, using a range of methods relentlessly until you, the customer, are satisfied that this last remnant of a fire is gone.

smoke damage

When the residual smell of smoke damage prevents you from fully enjoying your home, call upon a restoration company that has the skills and the experience to return the cozy ambiance to your dwelling. You also need a company whose workers are tireless in finding the source of the smell, which can hide in building materials, personal possessions, and even recesses within your home you may not know exist. Deodorization of smoky smells may require additional cleaning or the application of appropriate odor-reducing products. Often both approaches must be used for optimal results. On occasion, some materials may need to be removed and discarded if cleaning and odor control methods will not work. Only an experienced smoke damage restorer will be able to discern the proper approach for your particular situation.

Using modern deodorization products is best done by technicians who have been thoroughly trained and certified in their use. The protection of your family and the integrity of the structures comprising and the contents within your home depend upon this. A quality smoke damage restoration company will require staff be trained and continuously updated on effective deodorizers and their safe and efficient use. A full-service smoke damage restoration team that will exceed your expectations in odor elimination is not just a dream. It is a reality if you select the company that assembles the staff, the products, and the vision to make it happen.

Proper Biohazard Cleanup

Proper Biohazard Cleanup

By Daniel Jeffries

People usually do not think about what’s involved in cleaning up body fluids or blood after an accident, unattended death, or injury. Professionals in the insurance industry could receive a call from a grieving or frantic property owner when these losses happen. How to proceed needs serious consideration and special attention. This is not only because the involved individuals are experiencing stress or emotion, but also because some materials are hazardous.

A biohazard restoration company understands that hazardous medical waste will include blood and other potentially infectious materials, such as peritoneal fluid, spinal fluid, amniotic fluid and other body fluids. Restoration professionals are aware these materials could cause others to be infected. During the cleanup process, experts take the proper steps needed to maintain the safety of their staff and other individuals near the site of cleanup. All biohazard materials are assumed to be infectious and are treated as such.

Sad Girl Mourning

As with any property damage, technicians make sure their actions do not make the sense of loss worse to the property owners. In situations which are traumatic, biohazard restoration professionals are very sensitive to things they do and say, remembering especially that you could be emotionally vulnerable. It is important to them that they show extra understanding and care at each stage of biohazard cleanup.

It is essential that the right personal protective equipment is used to ensure the safety of their workers. PPE (personal protective equipment) will always include gloves, full-face protection, and properly designated waterproof coveralls which include head and feet protect. If necessary, technicians also have respirators with the right filters. The objective to use PPE is to avoid any potential infection by making sure no hazardous material enters the body through eyes, skin, nose, mouth or any other areas.

They will begin with an initial sanitization for worker safety, then remove any potentially infectious materials from the site. Hazardous medical waste is handled following OSHA regulations, processes appropriately and sent to a hazardous medical waste incinerator that is licensed. Porous materials like carpeting and fabric are removed in accordance with government regulations and industry standards. All other materials that were affected and not considered hazardous medical waste are professionally decontaminated and sanitized or removed, depending on what is needed. Other materials like flooring and drywall could be sealed. Usually, once the contaminated materials have been removed, cleaned and sanitized, correctly the odors are under control. In some cases, more deodorization may need hydroxyls or ozone processes.

A biohazard cleanup and restoration company always attempts to help bring an unfortunate situation to a satisfactory close. Restoration specialists are trained to clean up after traumatic events in a very professional and caring matter. You can be sure that if you encounter such an event, they will take care of everything.

Taking Steps to Recover Documents after a Flood

Taking Steps to Recover Documents after a Flood

By Daniel Jeffries

It doesn’t matter whether a flood wreaks devastation in a home or a workplace, the consequences can be very difficult to handle. For businesses, however, there is the added problem of lost paperwork. While families can replace damaged furniture, companies have to rectify massive gaps in their records, due to the destruction of documents.

This is just one of the reasons why commercial water damage requires a fast and targeted response. The quicker the restoration and repair, the more chance there is of saving paperwork affected by the flood. With the help of qualified restoration experts, it is sometimes possible to rescue damp documents, so it is worth discussing this in a timely manner.water damaged documents

Taking the Right First Steps after a Flood
If you are dealing with commercial water damage and have important documents that need to be saved, notify the restoration experts. They will be able to retrieve the paperwork before moving furniture so that it does not get damaged any further. Once the documents have been removed from the affected site, they will be immediately isolated and dried.

This can be achieved in a number of ways. One of the most sophisticated is to freeze dry the documents. It allows for the water to be extracted in a way that limits exposure to its liquid state. So, paperwork that has been compromised by commercial water damage gets a chance to regain its composure, at least long enough for replacement records to be created.

Recognizing the Impact of Water Damage
It is important to understand that are no guarantees when it comes to rescuing water damaged documents. The chance of success will depend on a number of different factors, but mostly the extent to which the paperwork has been exposed. So, if it has been sitting in water for some time, it may be lost.

This is why a fast response to commercial flood damage can make a big difference to the proportion of a business that can be regained and restored. As soon as you know that a flood has breached the building, get in contact both with your insurer and a reliable water damage restoration company.